The Breitschmid Group: Better oral health for all.

Better oral health for all - this is the slogan of the new Curaden AG. It offers everything for dental health - and beauty: from toothbrushes and interdental brushes to toothpaste. And from dental practice supplies and dental practice management systems to dental practice communications.

Curaden AG evolved from Hans Breitschmid’s dental supply business, which was founded in 1954. In 1965, his son Ueli entered the business and, from 1972 on, developed it into the Curaprox oral health brand, which now operates in over 60 countries.

Curaden AG is headquartered in Kriens, near Lucerne in Switzerland and employs more than 150 people at locations in Basle, Crissier, Dietikon, Kriens and Montedato. Curaden AG sees its future in digital dental practices with prevention as a business model.

In particular, the Curaprox and Swiss Smile brands, together with iTOP oral prophylaxis training, are gaining an international reputation; in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, for example, the Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush ultra soft has achieved cult status; in Slovenia, the toothbrush was selected as “2015 Product of the Year”.

The Breitschmid Group is owned by Ueli and Erika Breitschmid with their daughters Christine, Laura, Nora and Carla as well as with siblings Alessandro, Claudio and Michela Fuchs.


Breitschmid Group
Amlehnstrasse 22
CH-6010 Kriens

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